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Recruitment Software for HR & Hiring Managers

We simplify difficult & time-consuming tasks so you can focus on finding the right person.

Free 14 day trial. No credit card required.

BidRecruit is smart, fast and cost effective recruiting software for HR and Hiring Managers. Sign up for your free 14 day trial or schedule a 1-on-1 demo.

Intelligent talent acquisition, management and tracking from one platform

BidRecruit allows you to find the right candidates and manage the recruitment process on one powerful, yet simple to use platform. Save on average 4-5 hours a week during the recruitment process and up to 78% on recruitment costs.
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Get to the talent fast. One click and you can push your job onto key job boards, social media sites, targeted advertising and your careers page
Cut CV screen time in half with BidRecruit. Our smart questions and CV scoring will help you find the right candidates instantly.
Detailed reports and user metrics. BidRecruit gives you full visibility and tracking on your entire recruitment process
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Rosemarie Martin - JLT

"I have already saved €2,000 on one hire using BidRecruit. The system is very intuitive and I can easily manage my entire recruitment process on an organised and centralised platform."

Rosemarie Martin
JLT Insurance
Maura Farrell - Barnardos

"With BidRecruit I'm reaching a broader audience and as a result I'm getting more suitable applicants. The site is easy to use and I find the team in BidRecruit very helpful."

Maura Farrell
Adam Hankin - Linked Finance

"I find the system really beneficial.  I wouldn't have found my specialist recruiter without BidRecruit. I got a better service, a better rate and have made offers to 4 candidates so far."

Adam Hankin
Linked Finance
Adam Hankin - Linked Finance

"It took all the pain out of finding a recruitment agent and comparing apples to apples. The structure it brought to the process and having a go to place made it so much easier. It is my go to place for recruitment."

Mervyn Graham
CEO Zoosh Group
Adam Hankin - Linked Finance

"The fact that everything is centralized makes it so much easier to coordinate. I've readily filled jobs that I was really struggling with before BidRecruit. Time Saved: 75%. Cost Saved: 70%."

Danielle Dalton
HR Manager, Midland Heating
Adam Hankin - Linked Finance

"I've made 50 hires in 12 months with BidRecruit and have reduced my annual recruitment spend by 78%. I've just renewed for a second year with BidRecruit."

Claire McMullen
HR Manager, Manguard Plus
Jason Cooney - Grow Sales

"BidRecruit has saved our organisation days in administration and time spent tracking candidates. The support is first class and David has been extremely helpful throughout the on-boarding process. I would 100% recommend using this innovative tool!"

Jason Cooney
Grow Sales
Cathal McCarthy - Core Technology

“Bidrecruit has helped us reach dedicated recruiters to source specialist talent. The system allows us to manage CV’s and schedule the interview process with ease. Old processes such as reaching out on LinkedIn can’t match the service offered by David and his team.”

Cathal McCarthy
Core Technology
Joe O'Flynn - Rathsallagh House

"BidRecruit has allowed me to generate more volume and quality applicants. The system is incredibly easy to use and I've engaged and recruited so much more hotel staff. The system helps me achieve full GDPR compliance and with the new regulations coming in, it's made things so much easier."

Joe O'Flynn
Rathsallagh House
BidRecruit benefits - make your life easier!

Save Time
& Money

Put your company back at the centre of the hiring process, our clients achieve savings of €2,000 per new hire.

Streamline your hiring process

All your hiring needs on one, simple to use platform. Engage with an unlimited talent pool and find the right person.

Work With The
Right Recruiter

Our recruitment marketplace enables you to find specialist recruiters at a price that fits your budget.

Smart Reports
& Insights

Easily identify candidate source and measure return on
investment to help make smarter decisions.
Unlock talent with BidRecruit and instantly share your job across job boards, social media and your careers page.
Post jobs to 16+ Free, Discounted & Premium Job Boards
Once click share across all Social Media Channels
Evaluate 180+ Specialist Recruitment Agencies
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The BidRecruit platform allows you to share your job across multiple channels with the click of a mouse
BidRecruit automates the entire process from screening candidates to scheduling interviews.
Smart Questions, matching technology & CV filtering
Customised workflows to suit each hiring style
Candidate timelines and team collaboration
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All job applications are processed on BidRecruit & are profiled on the system for review
Data Analytics on all your hiring activity, including CV source tracking, job ad performance & cost effectiveness
CV source tracking - where do you get your best hires?
Job advert performance - which channels work best?
Measurable hiring metrics - own your hiring process
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Data Analytics on all your hiring activity, including CV source tracking, job ad performance & cost effectiveness