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The TCP Group is a healthcare service provider, specialising in ‘direct to patient services’ facilitating a unique turnkey solution in patient care. TCP Group employs more than 150 people directly with a team of 3 in HR.

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50% reduction in time-to-hire
Reduction in recruitment costs by 70% per hire
50 new hires through BidRecruit in 12 months
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The Challenge

Due to their diverse service/client offerings, David Craven, HR Manager, TCP Group, had a need to be on many job boards, 9 in total. Posting each job individually on each job board was very time-intensive. Further to this, some job boards were expensive but were not resulting in the candidate quality and volume required. The team were also struggling to create a GDPR compliant talent pool for future positions.

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The Solution

Taking on BidRecruit offered an instant solution to the challenges TCP Group were facing with posting to multiple job boards, The HR team could test and pick which boards worked best for them, they also could instantly post to social media and their careers page. The A.I. technology also greatly assisted TCP Group with their screening process; scoring, filtering and presenting the most qualified candidates first.

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The Result

David saw the instant benefit of the software in terms of the time saved during recruitment particularly in terms of the reduction in time taken to post to job boards. Subsequently, the team have changed the channels they use, resulting in better quality candidates and a shift of recruitment budget to more profitable channels, resulting in a 70% reduction in recruitment costs per hire.

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David Craven
HR Manager, TCP Group
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