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Midland Heating & Kerrigan Mechanical is proudly built on quality service and reliability with a diverse and talented workforce who have vast and wide ranging experience. Both businesses are nationwide, working on projects of varying sizes with a staff count currently at 44 permanent, and 145 contract positions.

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Recruitment costs reduced by 91%
50% Reduction in time-to-hire
Reduced recruitment admin by 65%
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The Challenge

Danielle Dalton, HR Manager, came into a newly created position with HR previously managed by the companies managing director. There were no structures or processes in place for recruitment or HR. They needed to create a system to manage internal HR requirements like employment contracts, but recruitment taking up all of her time.

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The Solution

Due to access to multiple job channels and increased candidate quality, Danielle was able to fill a position within the 2 week trial period. Streamlining recruitment was easily achieved using BidRecruit’s automation features such as interview scheduling and customised emails. These features enabled Danielle to create an efficient, GDPR compliant process.

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The Result

Since taking on the platform Midland Heating & Kerrigan Mechanical have removed premium job boards, print advertising and agencies from their recruitment channels. Further to this, their time-to-hire has been reduced by half. Danielle has also seen the advantage of automation & A.I. to improve candidate experience and creating a talent pool for future positions.

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Irrespective of the job, the calibre of candidates is so much higher because of the different channels BidRecruit posts to. Jobs have huge visibility and reach, where other companies might be missing out by only posting to certain channels.

Danielle Dalton
HR Manager, Midland Heating & Kerrigan Mechanical
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