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We asked our customers why they love's what they said...

Claire McMullen: HR At Manguard Plus

What did your hiring process look like before BidRecruitI never used any software before, only premium job boards.

How much admin time have you saved per week? I would say I have saved 5 hours each week which is fantastic. 

Has BidRecruit helped save money on your recruitment budget? Annually we have saved 78% of our recruitment budget 

How has BidRecruit changed your recruitment process? I can't believe how simple it is to manage candidates. It's especially great for second time applicants because their details are already stored in the system. 

Would you recommend BidRecruit? Absolutely. Bidrecruit moves with your own company. That's what I love most about it. BidRecruit is Award Winning Recruitment Software. Make 2018 The Year You Hire Smarter.

Anna Kierans: HR Officer At Rathfarnham Day Care

Rathfarnham Day Care

How did you recruit before using BidRecruitI previously only used excel to manage candidates

How many hours do you think you've got back each week? I have saved 5 hours per week, which is a considerable amount of time that can be spent in other areas of work.

What features on BidRecruit do you enjoy? I really love that all records are stored in the one place and are easily accessible. I frequently use the templates to save on time, they're so handy.  

Would you recommend BidRecruit? Yes! It's a great price and brilliant for SMEs. I also think it's wonderful BidRecruit have such a close relationship with their customers and are always trying to innovate.

Theresa Barnicle: Group HR At Carraig Donn

What was your recruitment process before BidRecruit? We used the Company website, referrals aswell as other external platforms/ methods

How has BidRecruit simplified your recruitment process? The process of viewing applicants is simplified due to using the one centralised platform. It is also very user friendly and filters are excellent.

What features on BidRecruit do you find particularly helpful?  The dashboard. Also, the platform has created a wider reach and has reduced the number of hours I spend doing admin.

Roughly how many hours do you think you’ve saved using Bidrecruit on average? We only started using Bidrecruit recently and are in early stages of using it but certainly I can say its less admin intensive from my perspective. 

Would you recommend BidRecruit? Of course! It's a centralised platform and very user friendly, not to mention cost efficent too! We have achieved great results for certain key roles and it is certainly less admin intensive overall.


BidRecruit is award winning recruitment software that helps companies hire quickly and cost effectively. Our customers have seen reductions in recruitment costs of up to 78% and recruitment administration of 50%.

How we do this is by giving you, the hiring manager, access to many talent pools (job boards, social, careers sites) from one online platform. Our software also has management tools and performance analytics so that you can easily move candidates through your hiring flow and identify the channels that work best for your hiring needs.

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